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About Cisco Networking Academy

The Networking Academy program aims to help fill the growing need for information and communications technology (ICT) and networking professionals, in order to improve education and career opportunities in communities around the world.

How? By helping individuals develop networking and ICT skills to prepare for ICT and networking careers in virtually every type of industry. Students are also provided with opportunities to develop their creative skills, enhance their problem-solving abilities and improve their long-term chances of employability in today´s new media workforce.

The first Networking Academy program was created back in 1997 as a solution to help schools that wanted to create their own networks but lacked the financial and human resources to manage and maintain systems of their own. Since then, the small-scale programme has grown to help students improve their IT skills in 167 countries worldwide.

Cisco technology provides students the freedom to learn both inside and outside of the classroom, with e-learning, online curricula and assessments. Cisco has run successful academies in places as diverse as community centres, homeless shelters, football clubs, prisons and military bases as well as traditional schools, colleges and universities.

Networking Academy and the Host Boroughs

There are 600 Networking Academy programs in the UK, of which 100 are based in London and 15 in the East End. Through a specific investment programme as part of its commitments to London 2012 and LOCOG´s Get Set education programme, Cisco aims to broaden the base of the Networking Academy partnerships. The aim is to introduce another 30 Networking Academy programs into schools and colleges in the Host Boroughs, helping to up-skill local workers to fulfil the employment opportunities that will be created through Cisco's Smart +Connected Communities and Innovation Centre as well as other technology companies moving into the East End.

Cisco will equip selected Host Borough schools with ambition and colleges with In Technology, ITE and Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) online training and Cisco lab equipment. As part of the programme, the students will design a web page that represents their borough with the best entries to be displayed on

The Inspiration Roadshow

As part of Cisco's commitment to extend the number of academies in host boroughs, they have engaged directly with a number of schools through a series of inspirational talks; hosted by Roger Black, ex-Olympian and Cisco Ambassador, and Sean Kelly, a current networking student who has used the academy program to change his life.

The talks outlined Roger's Olympic experiences, his ability to over-coming difficulties and to achieve his goals, in tandem with Sean's story of his life-altering experience of the Cisco Networking Academy.

Sean was in Wandsworth prison on a 2-5 year sentence when he first engaged with the Cisco Networking Academy Program, and with the help of his friends, and the support of his Cisco mentor, Sean has changed his life, developed his skills and has career aspirations and life goals that had seemed out of reach before he discovered the Networking Academy Program.

The talks have given Cisco the opportunity to engage directly with schools to engage them with the importance of the Cisco Networking Academies, but also to inspire over 2000 young people about the importance of reaching their goals and perhaps consider a career in networking.

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He was ineffective and awkward for nearly the entire game. But then he came back and led Denver's unlikely victory. Houston's Matt Schaub, who previously played for Atlanta, leads the league with a 109.6 passer rating. Philadelphia's Michael Vick, another former Atlanta player is fourth at 93.5. But he threw some legitimate NFL passes and he moved the chains. After his two preseason performances, Denver has to be mostly pleased with Tebow's progress.Tebow, who should play extensively against Minnesota in the preseason finale Thursday, should play in special packages as a rookie. The NFL combine is usually the time when you try to figure out what players a team will add. In the Browns' instance, it looks like Brandon Weeden is more likely to stay the team's starting quarterback since the Browns staff arrived at Indianapolis.Here is what we know (or at least have been told):. He found 12 instances where they were off by at least a yard.I think most of us have grown immune to the spotting of the ball, paying careful attention only on a crucial conversion where a measurement might be needed or a challenge flag could even be thrown.But there seems to be a large degree of wiggle room in where the ball is spotted. Any conversation about it always makes me think of the title of a John Madden book: "One Knee Equals Two Feet."Joyner actually finds 7.1 percent of the spots in that weekend's slate of games were off. As he collided with Haynesworth, Cutler reached the ball toward the goal line. Redskins linebacker London Fletcher alertly punched at it, knocking the ball loose and then falling on it for what officials ruled a fumble.Replays indicated the ball crossed the plane before Fletcher's punch and should have been a touchdown. You may be interested in: [url=]cheap nfl jerseys china[/url] [url=]lululemon online outlet[/url]

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Earlier this season, wide receiver Greg Little posted on Twitter that he didn't care what Browns fans thought after he celebrated a touchdown (he posed like Usain Bolt) despite losing at the time. In August, wide receiver Mohamed Massaquoi went on Twitter to contradict coach Pat Shurmur that he had a concussion.These past two weeks -- the Browns have lost by a combined 39 points -- have to be a frustrating time for the Browns, especially after their feel-good three-game win streak. Cribbs' tweet is an obvious reaction to that frustration. Other topic: [url=]cheap nfl jerseys china wholesale[/url] [url=]louis vuitton purses outlet[/url]

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